Know all the types of diving goggles

We have all wanted to dive at some time and yet we have not been able to because we do not have the right equipment. The glasses is undoubtedly the most important part of the equipment. We are going to review all the types of diver goggles that you can find on the market. Take a look at the entire page before deciding which one or which to choose. I hope it helps.

Snorkel or snorkel diving goggles

To dive along the coast it is advisable to dive with these goggles because they allow you to breathe underwater at least from the surface. They cover a large part of the face and prevent water from seeping out. This design allows that together with a rubber tube we can breathe comfortably and enjoy for long periods of time looking at the seabed without having to take air on the surface.

Cressi diving goggles

Cressi diving goggles are characterized by covering the eye and nose area. This type of goggles is ideal for diving under water. Some also come with a breathing tube. Highly recommended for outdoor diving.

Anti-fog for diving goggles

This is a chemical that prevents condensation of water on diving goggles. We recommend applying the anti-fog srpays every so often to have your diving goggles always clean.

Rubber diving goggles

In case you need a replacement strap, you can always buy a rope separately instead of having to change the entire glasses.

Diving goggles with camera mount

With these glasses you can embed a camera with which you can record your videos or movies under water. This will certainly make your diving experience more exciting and you can always record your most extraordinary discoveries underwater. Or if what suits you best is photography, then to be able to make your next photo album.

Gopro diving goggles

Yes, there are also glasses compatible with the gopro camera to be able to record your forays under water.

Diving mask goggles

You may also be interested in camera-shaped glasses to cover your entire face. Very suitable for diving in the sea from a certain depth.

Speedo diving goggles

This type of goggles are very simple to dive in the pool and do your swimming in the most comfortable way without water getting into your eyes.

Diver goggles for children

Finally, for the little ones, look directly for those glasses that are for children. From there you can see different styles and designs (which we have previously seen). Choose the one you like.